Aleratec 1:11 Hdd Copy Cruiser Hard Drive Duplicator


Aleratec 1:11 Hdd Copy Cruiser Hard Drive Duplicator

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the Aleratec 1:11 Hdd Copy Cruiser Creates A Whopping 11 Hard Disk Drive Clones Simultaneously Without A Computer: An Essential Tool For Installing New Or Upgrading Multiple Computer Systems. It Can Also Decommission Computer Systems By Reliably Wiping All The Data From Up To 12 Hard Drives At A Time With Secure Erase, A Powerful And Efficient Nist 800-88 Accepted Form Of Sanitization That Is Up To 90% Faster Than Traditional Overwrite Methods. As A Backup, The Unit Continues To Offer A Choice Of Three Comprehensive Overwrite Algorithms: A One-pass Wipe, A Three-pass Wipe With Verify, Or A Powerful Seven-pass Wipe As Recommended By The Department Of Defense 5220.22-m Specification. Proper Hard Disk Drive Sanitization Eliminates The Risk Of Sensitive Data Falling Into The Wrong Hands And Is An Essential Part Of Compliance For Facta, Glb, Hipaa, Sarbanes-oxley And Other Federal And State Regulations.

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Aleratec, Inc


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