Break-Fix Vs Managed IT


Break-fix is purely a reactive model of IT services where nothing is being monitored and alerted till the time it results in some outage or user experience on something working not right in IT. Many organizations are moving away from the break-fix model and embracing the IT managed services model these days.

Managed IT

IT managed services is a much advanced and improved method of rendering the IT support. This model includes setting up of robust IT remote monitoring and management process. IT managed services provides much improved ROI and peace of mind IT support to the organizations.

How Break/Fix IT Services Works

As a customer, you find an issue happened to your IT. This issue can be about anything related to IT like Internet outage, BSoD (Blue screen of death) or a virus outbreak.

You report the issue to your IT service provider

The technician from the break-fix support provider is dispatched onsite to your location for working on the issue, or he/she will work on the issue remotely.

The technician diagnoses the cause of the problem.

The problem is resolved and you are billed for the work performed.

How Managed Services Works

As an IT managed services provider, Technospecs finds the issue proactively using the advanced monitor sets and remote monitoring tools.

Technospecs is auto-notified about the issue from the remote monitoring tools.

Technician from Technospecs team promptly reviews the alert and start the remediation on it without you having to contact us.

The issue is resolved remotely from Technospecs or you will be notified for an onsite visit required.

The problem is resolved along with the description and details of the resolution applied in a ticket. You will be billed with the ticket details for you to review.

Which Organizations the Break-Fix IT Support Suits More to?

  • Your organization rarely faces any IT or technology related issues.

  • Your budget can handle unpredictable IT costs typically associated with unexpected IT problems.

  • You have a dedicated IT department in-house or you have a tech-savvy person on staff that can handle majority of the IT problems you do have.

Benefits of IT Managed Services

  • Boost Your IT Uptime: We work on improving your IT operational performance. That helps you to enjoy the higher uptime for your IT.
  • Reduce Tech Complexity: We will help you in reducing the technical complexity of your IT so that you can focus on your business.
  • Implement Strategic IT: We will get you custom-solutions for maximizing the ROI and give your business sustainability for short and long run.
  • Safeguard Your IT: We help you protect your IT from falling as a victim to number of cyber threats. This help you protect your critical IT assets and ensure peace of mind.
  • Maximize IT Investment: Our solution will relieve you from redundant, overlapping and outdated technology that adds up cost and finally slows down the innovation for IT.
  • Optimize Mobile Efficiency: We will setup reliable remote access to your staff members for getting the access to the office IT assets from Internet. This enables them to work from anywhere anytime.
  • Fixed Charges:Predictable, fixed monthly fees for IT service & support..
  • Ease of Support: Easy access to IT professionals who can provide help or answer tech questions (via HelpDesk Support).
  • Hassle-Free:To outsource your IT department to Technospecs so that you can focus on your business.

IT Managed Services Features

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IT Managed Services Packages

ESSENTIAL ($29.95 per user/month) PRODUCTIVITY ($59.95 per user/month) PROFESSIONAL ($94.95 per user/month) ENTERPRISE ($149.95 per user/month)
Monitoring 24/7/365 24/7/365 24/7/365 24/7/365
Maintenance 24/7/365 24/7/365 24/7/365 24/7/365
Anti-virus/ Anti malware Business-grade Licenses Business-grade Licenses Business-grade Licenses Business-grade Licenses
Microsoft Office365 Not Included 50 GB Mailbox Mailbox + Office 2016 Mailbox + Office 2016
Guaranteed Response Yes Yes Yes Yes
User Support
Remote $100.00/hr Unlimited (free) Unlimited (free) Unlimited (free)
Onsite $150.00/hr $150.00/hr Unlimited (free) Unlimited (free)
Server Support
Physical $150.00/hr $130.00/hr $120.00/hr TBD
Virtual $120.00/hr $110.00/hr $90.00/hr TBD
Disaster Recovery Optional Optional Optional Included
Business Continuity Not Included Optional Optional Included
Cyber Security Not Included Optional Optional Included
vCIO Not Included Not Included 1 hour/Month 4 hour/Month